Saturday, December 20, 2008

Relationship tip of the week #2-The Mystery Date

Are you looking to spice up your realtionship? This simple but fun activity will bring both excitement and passion back into your realtionship. Take turns with your partner planning a "mystery date". This can be something romantic such as a trip to an unusual restaurant, a play, a day trip to a spa, or something simple and inexpensive like a walk down the streets of a village that neither of you are familiar with to window shop or try an unknown cafe or a walk in a park or nature preserve that neither of you know. The key element is obviously the surprise(do not tell your partner where you are going so he/she is guessing right up to the moment you arrive). The fact that both of you are taking the time to plan(even if it doesn't turn out perfect) a date demonstrates to one another the commitment you each have to make your realtionship a priority. A date once a month or every two months will have you looking forward to spending quality and fun time together.


Dr. Crew said...

A great and wonderful idea! We have done this before and it's so much fun for both the date preparer and the date receiver.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I tried "Mystery Date" this weekend and thought it was a great idea. We had so much fun and plan on trying this once a month.