Saturday, January 16, 2010

Relationship tip of the week #32-Give your love with compassion and generosity

This week, i will conclude my blogging on "How To Improve Your Relationship Without Talking About It" by Pat Love and Steven Stosny with a look at the final element of their "Power Love Formula"-Handing out love with compassion and generosity. The authors suggest that you make a simple contact between yourself and your partner by stating "This is how i will show my love for you every day" and then list the ways in which you will carry out that promise. Writing it on a piece of paper and giving it to your partner makes it more real and strengthens the comittment.
Examples might be: speaking in a kind voice; lighting a candle at bedtime; making the morning coffee; leave love notes once a week; etc. My suggestion for ensuring your success is to start with one or two actions and if you are able to consistently deliver these, than consider adding one or two more rather than a long list which may not be as easy to follow through when starting on this element of the formula.

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