Thursday, December 30, 2010

Relationship Tip of the Week #59-Being the Best PartnerYou Can Be-Part 7 - Listen with an open heart and open mind

How easy is it to listen to your partner with an open heart and mind? Depends on what is being discussed. Naturally, it is hardest to listen when it is something about you or something you have done or not done.

Listening with an open mind

1) Consider that although it is hard to face and you are near perfect, your partner's concern may be valid.
2) Do not jump to conclusions-keep an open mind until you have heard all the information and taken some time to consider it.
3) Your partner may know more about you than you realize
4) We all have blind spots
5) Just keeping an open mind to your partner may be enough to re-establish your connection

Listening with an open heart

1) Remember, this is the person you love not the enemy
2) Keeping your heart open will reassure your partner that you are not the enemy
3) It was probably just a few minutes before this conversation when you felt happy to be with your partner
4) An open heart makes even the most difficult situation easier
5) Love is what you both want and whatever is being said is only taking a moment in time

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