Sunday, September 4, 2011

Relationship Tip of the Week #76-The Couple's Dialogue

Over the next three months i will be writing about the one skill i believe is necessary for a successful relationship-The Couple's Dialogue. This is a weekly conversation between two partners in which each has the opportunity to express concerns about the relationship as well as sharing aspect's of one's life or experiences which help the partners to stay connected and know each other in an intimate way.
I will be addressing the following elements:

1) The evolution of couple's relationships since the 1950's and why we must make changes if we are to be succesful in maintaining a connection with our partner
2) When to hold the conversation
3) Attitude is everything
4) The challenge of consistency
5) The challenge of gender differences to this process
6) Listening and Understanding one's partner
7) The impact of our past on this process
8) The threat of differences
9) Individuation
10) Interdependence

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